ڈاکٹرعطاالرحمن نے پروفیسرھُود بھائی سے معافی مانگ لی

A MUST READ FOR ALL!From Annals of Academic Fraud in PakistanFrom:

Dr. Atta <ibne_sina@hotmail.com>Sent: Thursday, April 14, 2022 12:19 AMTo: Pervez Hoodbhoy; hoodbhoy@lns.mit.eduCc: ‘Dr. Atta’ <aurahman1942@gmail.com>;Subject: Congeniality

ڈآکٹر عطا الرحمن جو کہ کیمسٹری میں ڈگری رکھتے ہیں اور اب سینیٹر ہیں۔۔بالآخر انہوں نے اپنی بیماری کے دوران ڈاکٹر پروفیسر ھُود بھائی جیسے عطیم تعلیمی انقلابی مصلح سے معافی مانگ لی۔

یاد رھے کہ حکومتی اداروں اور نااھل کاغذی سائینسدانوں کے ساتھ مِل کر ڈاکٹر عطا نے بھی پاکستان کے لئے کوئی سائیسنی کام نہ کیا بلکہ سیاسی اور مالی فوائد اٹھائے اور پروفیسر ڈاکٹر ھُود بھائی کو بلیک لسٹ کروانے مین کردار ادا کیا،،،پانی سے کار چلانے والے فراڈئیے کو بھی ڈاکٹر عطا نہ پکڑ سکے ۔۔بلکہ پروفیسر ھُود بھائی پہلے سائینسدان تھے جنہوں نے ایک منٹ میں ثابت کر دیا کہ یہ آغا وقار نامی شخص فراڈ ھے۔۔اور کِٹ چھپا کر ھائیڈروجن بنا رہا ہے نا کہ حائیڈرولیسز سے پانی سے گاڑی چلا رھا ھے۔ ۔۔اب ڈاکٹر عطا الرحمن نے

20 سال بعد معافی مانگی ہے۔ اور ڈاکٹر ھُود بھائی نے فراخ دلی سے معافی دے دی۔۔۔۔

پروفیسر ھُود بھائی

Dear Dr. Hoodbhoy Salam

It has been almost 2 decades that we have had differences with one another. It is normal in the civilised world to have opposite points of view but still be civil. On occasions our interactions have crossed these limits.I am now almost 80 years old and not keeping too well. I would like to mend all bridges before I go. I would like to express my sincere regrets if I have hurt you in any manner through our exchanges and hope that we can let bygones be bygones.

Yours Sincerely

Kind regards

AttaProf. Atta-ur-Rahman =============================================

From: Pervez HoodbhoySent: Friday, April 15, 2022 10:33 PMTo: Dr. Atta <ibne_sina@hotmail.com>;Cc: ‘Dr. Atta’ <aurahman1942@gmail.com>;Subject: Re: Congeniality

Dear Dr. Atta-ur-Rahman,From your email addressed to me, I am sorry to hear that you are unwell. That you wish to "mend all bridges” and "let bygones be bygones” before your demise – which you feel is nigh – is certainly commendable. Speaking for myself, such clearance is quite unnecessary as there never has been a personal quarrel between you and me. If you still want reassurance on this point, I will state this explicitly: "I, Pervez Hoodbhoy, bear no personal grudge against Atta-ur-Rahman and wish him no ill for any action he might possibly have taken to harm my person or my personal interest”. Having said that, I hold you squarely responsible for having single-handedly engineered the destruction of Pakistan’s higher education system, a destruction so complete and thorough that there is no hope of recovery in the foreseeable future. In ruthless pursuit of your desire to gain power, influence, and money, you used every possible device to cheat, lie, deceive, and commit fraud – both academic and financial. Generations yet unborn will curse you.As the perfect salesman who knows he is selling rotten apples, you tricked countless simpletons who could be easily defrauded in the name of progress and science. You rose to the top after ingratiating yourself with General Musharraf and then with Imran Khan. Thereafter you went on wild spending sprees, drawing away hundreds of billions of rupees from where they were urgently needed towards projects that suited your fancy. In this way you further benefited the cronies, vultures, and flatterers who you chose to surround yourself with. In your heyday as chairman HEC, to satisfy the craving of your ego you used public monies to have thousands of large posters of you and Sohail Naqvi splattered all over Islamabad Now that Imran Khan is gone and the new government is said to have spurned your overtures, you should indeed be very worried. After two decades of being at the very top – as well as being hugely influential while in other positions – here is the legacy that you are leaving behind to Pakistan’s higher education system:- Initiating and reinforcing a system of corruption in universities where academic prowess has become totally irrelevant and only numbers matter. This was how you swindled your way to the top, publishing 27 books (according to your CV) in just one year and dozens of papers with most of the books and papers being from Bentham Science Publishers, a fraudulent predator publishing house located on the Karachi University campus that you and Iqbal Chaudhry financially benefit from. Thanks to you, academic corruption has become a norm and an accepted way of life in Pakistani universities. Now no genuine academic would ever want to join a university in Pakistan because they have to compete with crooks – and crooks always win. – Crying hoarse for more PhDs as a solution to Pakistan’s scientific underdevelopment. This led to thousands of unemployed and unemployable graduates with PhDs, most of whom lack even basic skills in their subjects and yet feel entitled to jobs and high positions. Now inducted as teachers across the country, they have made the teaching of sciences a joke. It is hard to think of another country where a university degree is as worthless as here. Only highly gifted self-learners in Pakistan can ever become professionals, not the average university graduate. The rest face a bleak future.- Creating new universities which disgrace that very name and in which no real learning takes place. On your instigation, dozens of new universities were made from scratch or converted from colleges. You knew that these had absolutely no potential to function as genuine academic institutions but you still wanted to appear as a great visionary. Last year, when you sold the idea of a super university located in the PM House to Imran Khan, didn’t your conscience speak up? Thankfully 30 billion rupees have been saved now that that nonsensical project will be shelved. – Importing hugely expensive scientific equipment which you knew full well would never have significant use. Tens of billions worth of stuff, bought with precious public money, litter institutions across Pakistan. Had you no concern for how that money could have been used for serving this poor country? You connived with those who would benefit from its purpose, and thus were a party to this crime. – Peddling pseudo science to boost your popularity. Shame on you for writing in Dawn that HAARP was an American weapon for creating weather modifications, and an America conspiracy that sent floods and earthquakes to Pakistan. By pandering to the lowest and meanest of human fears and instincts, you truly followed your leader Imran Khan who claims that he was ousted by an American conspiracy. Dr. Atta-ur-Rahman: you have much to answer for, but not to me alone. What Bernie Madoff was to America’s Wall Street, you are to Pakistan’s higher education. Like the late Dr. A.Q. Khan, you should go on television and confess before the people of Pakistan and then beg for their forgiveness. At the very minimum you should cooperate with those who will shortly be investigating you.Meanwhile, I wish you good health and enough remaining years for you to atone for a lifetime of crime.


Pervez Hoodbhoy